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Surface Encounters’ cutting edge machines does guarantee that your kitchen countertops will end up being the highest-quality accomplished product. We make sure our customers that they will be completely satisfied with their new kitchen countertop when it is properly fitted.  Surface Encounters has over 100 years of collected experience and knowledge installing the best kitchen countertops in Michigan, Indiana, and Missouri homes.  The families of today tend to commit extra time than ever at home, which statistically is around 3,000 hours spent in the kitchen by a normal and typical American family.  Because of this, it’s important to make a kitchen setting that boosts the quality of time invested with your family and close friends.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by having your kitchen countertops redone.  Just by improving your kitchen countertops will greatly improve the beauty of your kitchen, while enhancing the obvious benefits of your home.  When it happens to be time for you to switch your ancient kitchen countertops, you would want to go with a company that you will have total confidence in.  Surface Encounters is known for carrying a wide assortment of granite countertops to choose from.  Our granite countertops not only last a long life, but also are an inexpensive way to enhance the quality of your home and life style.  If elegance and fashion is what you want, then our granite countertops are precisely what you’ve been seeking for.  Granite countertops are the fantastic accent to your kitchen.  With our granite countertops, your kitchen is sure to be the talk of the town!  Just Lately, Surface Encounters has been able to assist a range of Novi homeowners uncover the kitchen countertops of their dreams.  Quite a few of these Novi house owners have presently made the switch to granite countertops.  We assisted with upgrading their kitchen countertops, and we will assist you with the upgrade yours, too!

Novi Granite Countertops

Novi, Michigan is a city that is located roughly 29 miles northwest of Detroit in Oakland County.  Novi is just over five miles northwest of Wixom, MI, which is home to one of Surface Encounters’ many showrooms.  The city of Novi is home to over 55,000 residents, which make up nearly 19,000 households.  Novi has a median family income of just over $91,000.  Given the number of Novi households and its affluence, it’s easy to see why so many Novi homes are in need of kitchen remodeling each and every year.  Typically, the most common kitchen remodeling project is having kitchen countertops updated.  When these Novi homeowners need a new kitchen countertop they will call Surface Encounters.  For decades, Surface Encounters has been helping Novi home owners with their kitchen countertop remodeling projects.  We know the Novi neighborhood and know what kitchen countertops are most sought after in Novi.  The most common selected are our granite kitchen countertops.  A granite countertop is precisely what is needed to make your kitchen stand-out.  Selecting our granite countertops, then your kitchen is sure to be what your friends and neighbors will envy.  The next time you find the need to replace your kitchen countertops, go with the company that knows the area and are experts in the industry – go with Surface Encounters!

Novi Kitchen Countertops

You can expect to have a professional countertop installation with the highest-quality products and materials found on the market when you have your kitchen countertop installed by Surface Encounter.  Our kitchen countertops are constructed of the highest-quality of granite, marble, quartz, and tile materials.  No matter what material you desire to have in your countertops, Surface Encounters is the only stop you will need to make.  We will have everything that is needed to replace your old, outdated kitchen countertops so their will not be any delays in the installation.   We make sure we take in-home laser measurements so your new kitchen countertop fit in place.  Finally, on of the best assets is our relationship with our manufacturers and because we use state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to pass on additional savings to you.  With the help of Surface Encounters’, your kitchen will be like brand new again!  Let us help you enhance the warmth and beauty of your house by installing one of our one-of-a-kind kitchen countertops.  We also offer our customers a price assurance guarantee with all of our kitchen countertops.  This way you won’t need to worry whether or not you got the best price or not.  At Surface Encounters our valued customers always get the lowest price tag on their kitchen countertops.  We do guarantee it.  Call us today and learn more about our selection of kitchen countertops.  We are Novi’s first choice in countertops whether from granite to tile.

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