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New Castle Granite Kitchen CountertopsNew Castle Kitchen Countertops
If you’re thinking of taking the plunge to have new kitchen countertops installed that will exceed your expectations and change the way you think about your home, then you need to get the best in the business – Surface Encounters. We have a sterling reputation in the industry and nothing makes us happier than when our customers recommend us. With over 100 years of accumulated countertop installation experience and an outstanding team of trained professionals, Surface Encounters is a full-service, high-quality business. You can count on Surface Encounters to deliver on exemplary quality and service. If you have a specific deadline in mind for completion of your kitchen countertops, then Surface Encounters is your best choice! We will promise to complete your project on time and within you budget, and we keep our promises! Surface Encounters’ team of experienced installation experts has been handling projects for New Castle homeowners for years – from the initial planning and design stage through purchasing, production, construction, installation and completion. And, true to form, most of our business comes from satisfied clients, like our New Castle customers.

New Castle Granite Countertops

New Castle, Indiana  is the county seat of Henry County on the Big Blue River, approximately 44 miles east-northeast of Indianapolis. New Castle is recognized as the home of New Castle Fieldhouse at Chrysler High School, the biggest high school gymnasium in the world. In fact, nine of the 11 largest gymnasiums in the United States are found in Indiana. Also, New Castle is home to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame located near the New Castle Chrysler High School. In addition, next to New Castle Chrysler High School is a Native American mound dating back to around 2000 BP. New Castle has a population of about 18,114 residents, with around 7,462 total households and nearly 5,000 family households. The median household income of New Castle is about $30,688, and the median household income for a family is about $37,463. What separates Surface Encounters from our competitors is our accountability; we take full ownership of all our projects. Furthermore, we bring a level of excellence and integrity to our working relationship with our clients. As the leading fabricator of granite countertops serving the Indianapolis metropolitan area, we take a great deal of pride in our unmatched customer service, our extraordinary professionalism and our quality products. It’s no wonder that our New Castle clients prefer us over our rivals.

New Castle Kitchen Countertops

Not surprising, our customers frequently tell us how different we are to work with than other companies. The reason is simple; we stand by the following guiding principles: Professionalism; Teamwork; Fast and Efficient Turn-Around Time; Creativity; Innovation; Positive Attitude; and Dedication to Quality and Service. All our customers have to think about is what they want their kitchen countertops to look like, and with Surface Encounters handling all the details, we are responsible for all the rest. Frankly, we are intimately aware that that nothing says elegance and sophistication quite like a granite countertop does. Surface Encounters’ granite holds up to heat remarkably well, while it offers a look of solidity and durability to your countertops. If you are committed to having Surface Encounters install granite countertops in your kitchen, we assure you that they will contribute to giving your home the look of unparalleled luxury. In order to discover more about our services and products, call Surface Encounters today!

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