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How to Get Started

4 Easy Steps to New Countertops

Step1 – Measure Your Countertops

Measure the length and width of the countertops you would like to replace, whether they are in your kitchen, bath or other room in your home. Draw a sketch of your project on grid paper if you like or bring in a drawing of your new cabinets.

Step 2 – Select Your Countertop

Bring your measurements to any of our Surface Encounters showrooms and our experienced sales team will help you choose the right countertop to compliment your décor and lifestyle. Once you have chosen your surface type, color, edge style and other options the sales team will create a proposal, schedule your laser measurement and process your 50% deposit.

Step 3 – In-Home Laser Measurement

Our laser measurement team will come to your home at your pre-scheduled appointment time and perform a laser measurement. This gives us a digital template of your existing countertops or new cabinetry without disturbing your home in advance of installation.

Step 4 – Installation

Once your measurement is done we will call you to set up an installation appointment for your new countertops. The next step is where we do all the manufacturing in our state of the art facility.  Your new countertops will arrive on your scheduled date and our expert installers will clean and haul away all project debris after the installation.  They will then walk you through a final inspection to ensure our work meets your satisfaction.


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