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Surface Encounters Now Has Two Locations in Michigan for Granite Counter Top Needs

Encounter State Of The Art Machinery that Ensures the Highest Quality Surface Finished Product

Surface Encounters in Wixom Going Green with Marble & Granite Countertop Production

Customer Service and Preserving our Planet are important to Surface Encounters

Surface Encounters in Macomb, MI – Respected and Referred for Your Granite Countertop Needs

Surface Encounters is dedicated to making a difference in your world, one surface at a time

Surface Encounters of Wixom – Granite Countertops – Quality Control and Intensive Training Programs

Advanced technology ensures accuracy; the automated process eliminates error

Surface Encounters Macomb County Customer Service doesn’t Stop at Installation

Surface Encounters ensures quality and customer satisfaction by making sure customers understand how to care for their new countertops to preserve the quality for years to come

Surface Encounters Wixom and Macomb Advanced Technology in a Stone-aged Industry

Granite Countertop Fabricators distinguish themselves from the competition, using advanced technology is less than 5% of Granite Companies use this technology

Surface Encounters in Macomb Showroom Tours is a Step into the Stone-age see Technology at work

Granite Fabricators combine state-of-the-art manufacturing processes as they improve the world one surface at a time

Surface Encounters Wixom and Macomb offers Free Workshops for Customers

Selecting the stone is the most difficult part of the process. Our professional interior designers are available to help!


Do Granite Countertops Emit Dangerous Levels of Radon?

There have been reports of granite countertops emitting radioactivity. Some reports have said that even though most granite countertops tested were nothing to be worried about, some have had “hot-spots” that emit levels that can be life threatening.

Granite Countertops – Beautiful and Elegant in Spite of Age

Here is a fun fact about granite; your brand new countertop will be fabricated from a product that is millions of years old. In fact, the newest piece of granite on the planet is 750 million years old!

Granite vs Synthetic for Kitchen Countertop Choices

People are spending more time, effort and money on their kitchens today than any other remodeling projects. One of the first things to decide on when you design your new kitchen is the type of countertop to install.

Kitchen Remodeling: Choose an Undermount Sink for Hygiene and Appeal

Professionals who specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling recommend installing under-mount sinks. Under mount sinks have become very popular because of their modern, sleek appeal and their clean look. Because they fit under the countertops, one can easily wipe crumbs and debris from the countertop right into the sink, without it becoming caught under the lip of the sink.

Kitchen Countertops: Should I choose Granite or Marble?

Which is better for kitchen and bathroom countertops; Marble or Granite? Both are high quality products that add beauty and elegance to any home. Both are available in a wide variety of colors and can be finished with a variety of techniques to get different looks. Both are easy to maintain with cleaners and sealers that are specifically designed for use on these products.

The Beauty of Marble

Marble comes in many varieties which are often named after the location of their quarries. Paros and Penteli from Greece, Carrara from Italy, Proconnesus from Turkey, Macael from Spain, Makrana from India, Danby from Vermont and Yule from Colorado

Kitchen Countertops: Sifting Thru the Many Choices

There are many factors that go into choosing a new kitchen countertop, including looks, durability and price.

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